Your Name in Lights!
Put A Message On The New Stanley Marquee.

The Marquee is a digital signboard where you can run 
a daily message on both sides. Reach motorist and pedestrians as they head North and South on Genesee Street. It is the only digital signboard in Utica that offers the ability to put a message in full-color and show video.

Personal Messages

Put a personal message on the marquee. It’s a great way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or run an announcement. The daily rate is $50.00 for a message that runs for 24 continuous hours.

Business/Commercial Messages

Put your company’s event or news on the marquee to reach the business community. For more information, or or to put your name up in 'lights,' call 315-624-2913 or email

Message Guidelines

  • No political messages (“Vote for …”)
  • No religious messages
  • No messages which may offend community standards
  • No messages with malicious intent (“Joe Blow is a schmoe”)
  • In all cases, The Stanley will approve messages before they are posted and can refuse to post a message.