Technical Rider


House Information

Theatre Type: Proscenium
  • Orchestra Level: 1,611 seats
  • Loge (Rows A – E): 264 seats
  • Balcony (Rows F–T): 754
  • Rear Balcony (Rows U-Y): 274
  • Handicapped: 4 wheel chair spaces and 24 removable chairs
Total Capacity: 2,903
  • Orchestra Pit: 60 seats
Total Capacity with Pit: 2,963


The Stanley management requires that the presenter furnish a Certificate of Insurance for Comprehensive General Liability


The Stanley offers equipment on premises including lighting, sound, and communications equipment for a reasonable fee. The piano fee does not including tuning which is the responsibility of the presenters. The Stanley staff is able to schedule tuning of the instrument at the presenter’s expense.


Many events require food and beverages to be provided. The Stanley’s preferred catering company is Daniele’s Banquet Specialist’s and can be contacted at 315-733-8358.