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This year the theater will celebrate its 85th anniversary, and Utica-based artist, curator and professor Jenna North will use this extravagant space to fashion a night of interdisciplinary media-based, interactive kinetic sculpture and performance art. The night will showcase continuous and scheduled performance art, a post-modernist genre made popular in the mid 1960's. Conceptual performance art has ironically been considered “anti-theater”, however the opu-lens artists seized the opportunity to utilize the lobby, mezzanine and respective areas around this opulent theater. The artists performing on September 21st, (the last day of summer and international day of peace) range from internationally acclaimed, alongside professors and students from around the state of New York. Sculptures and media based works will invite viewers to participate through waving hands, light and motion detectors. The live performances will range from avant-garde modern dance, to an off beat take on popular musical scores that would have been screened in the theater in its heyday.
This night of sensory indulgence will end with the infamous ecstatic sound explosion of Rainbow Young!

Artists: Rainbow Young, Catherine Wright, Maggie Nowinski, Sandra Stephens, Mara Zoltners, Jessica Posner, Maria Driscoll McMahan, Alicia Eggert & Mike Fleming, Julie Ann Nagle, Jacob Francois, Wenhua Jimi Shi, Sara Ferguson, Rachel Mason, Julie Angerosa, Jenna North, Esp TV and PrattMWP students.

A sliding scale donation based admission of $5-$20 will help to support both this event and future community arts programming.

Light refreshments, including spiced Turkish oranges will be served.


  • Sat Sep 21, 2013
    Showtime: 6:00 PM


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