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'Support The Stanley Concert'

'Support The Stanley' Concert Returns to The Stanley on Saturday, March 21st featuring three legendary local bands, including The Todd Hobin Band, The Justice McBride Band and The Dust Devil Band. This three-band line-up also rocked together back in 1981, as a fundraiser to help keep The Stanley Theatre open. This concert is being billed as a 'Support the Stanley' event with proceeds helping the operations of the theatre.

Stanley Marquee Photograph from 1981

The Todd Hobin Band

The Todd Hobin Band just celebrated their 40th anniversary together. The original members continue to play to a dedicated and growing fan base, delivering the legendary performances that made them one of rock’s hardest working, well-traveled bands. The music is distinctly American, melodic, driving, and powerful. They’ve played thousands of shows and have shared the stage with the greatest bands of their time from The Beach Boys and Kinks, to the Allman Brothers and Hall & Oates.

Their recently released double CD set, The Early Years is filled with Hobin classics: I Hate You, Keepin’ the Dream Alive, New York Country Song, and many more. Their latest album, It’s Not Over continues in the same tradition; critically acclaimed, rocking, thoughtful and uncompromising. They remain a closely held treasure to those who know their music.

The Dust Devil Band - circa 1982

The Dust Devil Band originated in the late 1970’s; rising from the Waylon and Willie style of Outlaw Country music to establish a formidable following on the local music scene. The four songwriters in the DDB added to the band’s repertoire and they emerged with a unique sound that blended blues, southern rock and alternative country. They were favorites at several clubs and music festivals and contributed “What It Means To Me”, penned by George Deveny, to the album The Rock of Central New York Vol. II.

The Dust Devil Band - current photograph

While many talented musicians participated in the DDB during the course of its musical run, the lineup playing at the Save The Stanley Reunion Show is one of its strongest. Mike Stone (Tulsa, Blue Northern, Sundown has recently recorded with John Keller and is currently playing guitar with The Dharma Bums String Band. Darryl Mattison (Bad Dog New York, Solid Oak Band, Puttin’ On The Ritz, is an animated crowd-pleasing drummer who has also performed with Al Nathan and Blue Streak. He is now working with The Paul Case Band. Dan Porter (Solid Oak Band, Tattoo, Rollin’ Easy, is a well known bassist who has a knack for adding tasteful riffs and vocal harmonies to the band’s sound. He is currently laying down the bottom end for The Paul Case Band. George Deveny (Homegrown, Solid Oak II, The Al Nathan Band, The Tom Healy Band, is clearly one of our area’s premier  guitar players. Last year he was inducted into the New York Blues Hall of Fame. George captivates audiences with his mastery of the slide guitar. He is presently performing with Blueprints. Ed Rosenburgh – the “Honky Tonkin’ Man”, (Blue Note Sliders, RD 5, L.E.W.D.) is the only band mate who had to come out of retirement for this show. He is currently the president and musical director for the Unity Hall Foundation in Barneveld, NY.

The Dust Devil Band has performed with national acts such as Peter Tosh, Elvis Costello, Freddie King, Roger McGuinn, The Nighthawks, Henry Paul, The Winters Brothers, and several others.

“We are looking forward to revisiting a significant era in our lives, and are thankful for the opportunity to support Jerry Kraus and his efforts to maintain the Stanley Theatre as a community treasure. “

The Justice McBride Band

In the late ‘70’s and the ‘80s, Central New York was an unlikely hotbed for the genre of music known as Southern Rock.  Every club was packed to the rafters with crowds listening to tunes by Marshall Tucker, the Outlaws, Charlie Daniels, the Allman Brothers. And one band in particular was at the center of that scene: The Justice McBride Band. During the 1980s, Justice McBride performed with such bands as The Outlaws, the Marshall Tucker Band, the Winters Brothers Band, Stillwater, Grinderswitch, Molly Hatchett and the Henry Paul Band. Throughout the years, however, JMB established themselves as far too versatile to be pigeonholed into one particular style, performing songs by Bruce Springsteen, Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd seamlessly alongside the southern Rock classics they had become known for, as well as compositions from their LP, “Children At Play.”  The band continued to display their eclecticism even after their retirement, getting original members Mark Sisti, Dan Sisti, Al Sisti, David Smith and Gene Voce together to perform anniversary shows featuring full versions of classic albums, including “Tommy,” “Dark Side of the Moon,” “Sgt. Pepper’s,” “Abbey Road,” “The Wall”, and “Jesus Christ Superstar” with full chorus and orchestra. All five original members are still very active in the local music scene, playing in such acts as Les Brers, the Blarney Rebel Band, Puttin’ on the Ritz, King Kool and His Royal Blues and the Justice McBride Duo. In 1981, the Justice McBride Band joined forces with the Todd Hobin Band and the Dust Devil Band to present the Save The Stanley Concert; now, 34 years later, all three bands are reuniting once again to help this historic landmark.

The Justice McBride Band - current photograph

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  • Sat Mar 21, 2015
    Showtime: 7:30 PM


Tickets range from $15 to $35 and are available through The Stanley Box Office and online by clickicking the Purchase Tickets link below.

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