Classified To Perform At The Stanley's 90th Anniversary Gala

Posted by Gabrielle Zumpano on 9 October 2018 | 0 Comments

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Classified is celebrating their 26th year together. Their 25th anniversary
concert was actually held last Fall right here on the Stanley stage.

The band was originally assembled in the early 90's, and was the concept of
Freddie Faccioli, organist and vocalist from the legendary groups Eric & the
Chessmen in the 60's. Freddie was leader of the great horn band Ascension
during the 70's. He had the idea that a premier horn band like Ascension
could be formed again, but presented with the technology and sophisticated
sound systems in use today.

It truly was "getting the band back together." Their collective resume was
so long, it was said that it looked like a "Classified" ad. Thus, the name
was created and so was the mission statement of the band.. EOE--"Equal
Opportunity Entertainment" for all, which continues in full force today!
See CLASSIFIED at The Stanley's Gala! There will be dancing in the pit area
as well.

For a full list of entertainment at The Stanley's 90th Anniversary please visit: A Night of Stars.