Maintaining Tradition.
Enhancing The Experience.

StanleyThe Stanley survived the urban renewal effort in the 1960 and 1970s when all the other theatres in Utica’s Theatre District were being razed. The Stanley remained operational. By 1974 it was apparent that the building suffered from neglect. When the threat of destruction became very real, The Central New York Community Arts Council (a local nonprofit organization) acquired the property and saved the theatre.

Since its purchase, the Council has upgraded all mechanical, electrical, and safety systems, and continues to make technical improvements to accommodate the many touring productions and artists that perform at The Stanley. In 2006, The Stanley closed its doors and underwent a $20 million expansion project. This project included the construction of a much larger stage to accommodate large Broadway-style touring productions, a new two-story addition, including a state-of-the-art loading dock, modern dressing rooms, and a digital marquee. Even the interior décor was restored and refreshed.



One of the more spectacular changes from the renovation is the addition of a new chandelier. Created and donated by Meyda Lighting, a local manufacturer, this breathtaking light fixture is world’s largest LED free-hanging chandelier. Completely custom made, it is crafted of steel, blown glass and acrylic. It weights 7,000 pounds, is 35 feet in diameter and 17 feet tall, and is hand finished in antique gold and bronze. Designed deliberately to complement The Stanley’s historic interior, it is hung in the theatre in the dome where once a mere light bulb hung.